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Mum's the word as records are broken

Andrea's #MyChallenge's

The challenge is set

Andrea's competitive colleagues spurred her on to work towards a new challenge and reaped the rewards by using the #MyChallenge as her motivation:

Back at the start of 2015, we were all encouraged to set ourselves and others a #MyChallenge. James set me a challenge to run 5k in under 25 minutes. I hadn't run in ages, so in many ways it was the perfect challenge, although I remember thinking 'I'm not sure I can get under 25 minutes'. I'd only ever run 5k in about 28 minutes before and saw myself as a bit of a plodder.

Fitting it around the kids

I'm fairly competitive, especially against myself, so I began to think about how I could fit in a couple of runs each week. I like many working Mum's, don't have a lot of spare time. I decided I'd run on first thing on a Saturday or Sunday morning, and rather than sit waiting for my daughter at her dance class, go for a run then. I used Map My Run to work out 5k from my front door and from the dance studio and off I went.

Even though I'm fairly fit, I find running a real challenge. Sure enough, after the first 5k I was really disheartened, 32 minutes, a stitch and the thought of trying to get 7 minutes off it. On the other hand, I'd done it, it was only going to get easier and it did.

Motivation from #MyChallenge

Lunch time activity during the working day

The #MyChallenge gave me the motivation to keep going, and sure enough the minutes started to tumble. I ran faster than 25 minutes, and so was set a new challenge to get under 22 minutes. I was really pleased when I ran 21:36 minutes and then my motivation fell flat.

I set myself a My Challenge to run the Derby 10K, in under 50 minutes. I'd run the 10K a few times before, always coming in just under the hour. I found this challenge harder, finding the extra time to run further was tricky, and if I'm honest I found myself getting bored. I definitely think I'm suited to shorter distances.

The day of the 10K arrived, and I was excited but nervous. I held onto my Change 4 Life stopwatch and hoped I'd be able to get round the course. I checked my time at every 1K marker, and at 4k realised I'd lost time somewhere. I had a strong word with myself and pushed on. I started to claw back the time, and on approaching the Pro Act stadium, knew that if I kept going, I could do it. I was thrilled when I past the finished line but I knew at that point that I was going to struggle to motivate myself to run again for a little while.

Life after #MyChallenge

I love sport and being active, but I'm not great at sticking to anyone thing for very long and I think that's OK. Since the run, I've been swapping between Insanity and Hip Hop Abs (both home exercise DVDs), started Clubbercise, try to walk to work once a week, and have played Volleyball with my colleagues today. I saw a flier for a Colour Run in September yesterday and I'm tempted to sign up for it, and so my love/hate relationship with running continues.

Fancy running yourself?

If you have been inspired by Andrea's story and want to take up running yourself, why not check out the JOG Derbyshire section to find out where your local group is. JOG Derbyshire aims to encourage people to become fitter and is about having fun and making friends.