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How we raised our own funding to train Jog Leaders

Claire Mossom with her son during her Virtual Run.

Leader of the Pink Plodders JOG Derbyshire Group, volunteer Claire Mosson, wanted to expand her group to include an evening session. She knew new leaders would need to be trained to help it happen, but how was she going to finance it? Here, she explains how the funding was secured – and the great sense of community spirit that raising the cash brought with it.

Buying high-vis vests and cones

"Since starting the Pink Plodders in 2013, we have always charged £1.50 per jog. It has simply always been a small amount of money to gain some 'buy in' and give the session some value to the users.

"Just as importantly, it also enabled me to buy things for the group, such as high-vis vests for foggy or dark days and cones for use on the park sessions.

"As the group got larger, the £1.50s were used to buy base layers, as well as a group branded T-shirt and hoodie for each of the volunteer co-leaders. I am a firm believer that if you volunteer your time to help others, it should not be at a financial cost to you. So all of those saved £1.50s help me achieve this.

Identifying the need for additional leaders

"More recently, we have identified as a group a need for additional LIRF Trained Leaders to ensure that we can seamlessly have weeks off without leaving the group exposed or uninsured.

"Currently we only have two LIRF Leaders, the rest are Jog Derbyshire co-leaders. It also enables us to safely split off in to different abilities, fully insured without worry about having to follow the same routes. At £160 per person, this was proving more of a challenge to save £1.50s for!

Deciding on a Virtual Run

"We were initially going to do a family fun run to help raise the money, but finding a date we could all support, a route and then insurances was proving a costly and rather difficult thing. It was then that the rather genius idea of a Virtual Run was suggested.

"As with a normal fun run, we charged an entry fee. However, instead of organising a singular day that everyone has to show up in a certain place at a specific time, we simply set a range of dates to run between and a date that people had to submit their proof of running by.

Members of the Pink Plodders.

Opened up to everyone

"We opened the run up to anyone and stated people could walk, jog, run wherever and whenever they wanted. We charged £10 per adult and £2 per child.

"As the run was 'Virtual' it meant that there was no insurance obligation on our part, so no cost other than the medal.

Securing match funding

"In addition to this, we discovered that one of our co-leaders was able to apply to her place of work to secure a 'Matched Funding' for any charity fundraising she undertook.

"After submitting an application, we were accepted as a partner – and this was just the best news we could have hoped for!

A Christmas-based event

"Our run was Christmas-based, we did a group run on December 17 for those that wanted to run together, which was just lovely.

"Lots of kids were involved and every parent accepted that their children were their responsibility not insured under JOG Derbyshire or UKA.

A ‘staggering’ £692 raised

"Our efforts raised £346, which when matched has given us a staggering £692. Our new leaders are off on their course this month, and this then opens new doors for us to be able to start a much-coveted evening group in our area.

"We are beyond thankful to the group for supporting us and also to Raj for her hard work and efforts in securing the matched funding."

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