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Everyone active, enjoying sport
and achieving their personal best

Activate Derbyshire

Our children may die younger than us

In Derbyshire less than 44.4% of adults are active enough. Many of us are living longer, however the quality of life during the last 10 years can be very poor.

For the first time in history, our children may die younger than us. We can all play our part to change this.

Five extra years

Find out what you can do to encourage people to be more active.

Support and help

You can lead, support or help Activate Derbyshire:

LEAD - be an inspiration to others and lead a Jog Derbyshire group or a Village Games community activity, there's support and training to get you started.

SUPPORT - be a local hero and encourage your friends, family, children and colleagues to have an active lifestyle.

HELP - use your skills in administration, photography or social media to enhance everyone's experience within sport and physical activity and get others involved.

For further details visit the volunteering pages of the website.

Here are some things you might find interesting

Young people's barriers, motivations and attitudes to sport and physical activity: youth participation insight.

Women's barriers, motivations and attitudes to sport and physical activity: female participation insight.

The Chief Medical Officer's Guidance for Under-5s, five to 18-year-olds, adults and older adults.

Help others take part in activity.

Offer one-on-one support

Offer one-on-one support to people with additional needs i.e. older people and people with disabilities. Contact your local day centre for older people or learning disability day centre for information on how you can support getting people active.

Encourage and motivate others

In every day life we can all encourage our friends and family to be active. Some people go the extra mile, such as Claire Mosson who set up Pink Plodders JOG Derbyshire group and motivates people every week to get and stay active. Read about Claire' story here.