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Everyone active, enjoying sport
and achieving their personal best

Starting Out

At Jog Derbyshire, we try to make it easier to get started.

Those all-important first steps

Joining a group can seem quite daunting at first, but our network of friendly jogging groups - with more than 90 based all over Derbyshire - will soon help you get fitter and be more active by starting to jog regularly.

Qualified JOG Derbyshire Leaders guide beginners and returning runners through specially designed, gentle walking and jogging programmes.

Be inspired

You can find out more about how JOG Derbyshire has inspired people across the county to get out and get jogging through our Inspire Me: case studies.

Find a jog group near you

It's all about making new friends with people of similar fitness levels rather than competition and chasing personal bests.

To find your nearest jog group, use our online group search. You can also urge a friend to get involved through the #MyChallenge campaign. Click on the link to sign up.