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Non-sport-specific Funding

Non sport-specific funding is usually open to a wide range of organisations, but the ones highlighted in this section are amenable to giving grants to sport-related projects.

You can also click enter keywords to search for relevant grants in our funding finder.

Sport England - Small Grants Programme

Merchants Academy Cheerleading One Girl Being Lifted

Funding Available: £300 to £10,000
Deadlines: Rolling Programme

Sport England's Small Grants Programme is currently the only Sport England grant funding programme open at the moment. The Small Grants programme focuses is on increasing participation in sport by people aged 14 years and above.

A wide range of organisations can apply including sports clubs, local authorities and community organisations.

Grants available are between £300 and £10,000 for up to 12 months of activity. Total project costs must not to exceed £50,000.

Projects must focus on at least one recognised sport and must be for new or additional activity.

Examples of the type of expenditure which are eligible includes non-personal sports equipment, coaching costs or other sessional workers, training staff or volunteers, transport, venue hire and volunteer expenses etc.

Projects must meet at least one of Sport England's strategic outcomes which are:

  • An increase in the proportion of 14-25s playing sport once a week
  • A growth in regular (once a week) participation for all those aged 14+
  • A reduction in drop off at ages 16, 18, 21, & 24
  • Growth in participation by people (aged 14+) with a disability

Further information can be found here.

If you need help with completing the main narrative sections to the form, then you can download our guidance.

Cash 4 Clubs

Funding available: Average grant award is £650
Deadlines: Currently closed. Although they tend to open the fund for the Autumn.

Cash 4 Clubs offers a grant to sports clubs which are either registered with their sport's National Governing Body or local authority. £30,000 in total is available for across the whole country, so they aim to spread the fund as widely as possible.

It is a simple scheme aimed at giving community clubs a helping hand and provides the opportunity to raise the money they need to invest in their club.

Items funded through the scheme include help towards coaching costs, kit and equipment. Applications from mainstream and minority sport clubs will be considered.

Clubs can apply at anytime by submitting an online application form. Further details of the fund can be found at http://www.cash-4-clubs.com/

Mars Milk Play Fund

Funding available: £300 to £1,000.
Deadlines: The fund is currently closed. However, it opened from May 4 to October 2 during 2015. Therefore, it might be worth checking their website around then in 2016.

The Mars Milk Play Fund will see 49 cash awards over a five-month period to sports individuals, projects and clubs.

The money could go towards help with travel costs, kit, coaching or new equipment, among other things.

Every week, two applicants will be selected to receive a donation of £300. There will also be a monthly £1,000 award, where the public can vote for their favourite sports entry.

They are also giving away some gadgets as part of the total fund.

Central Social Recreational Trust

Funding Available: Up to £1,000
Deadlines: Check the website for details

The Central Social Recreational Trust is a small charity offering grants of up to £1,000 for clubs affiliated with a NGB working with young people below the age of 21. The grant can support equipment used by club members and the maintenance of property if it is owned by the club or has a long lease. The Trust will only pay suppliers directly. Therefore, it is important to get written quotations. Click here for further information about the sort of project they can support.

Sport England's Community Asset Fund

What types of projects is Sport England interested in for their Community Asset Fund?

Sport England don't want to stifle your thinking and creativity, but here are some of the things you could think about:

  • Work to repair, expand or improve a community sports facility. Perhaps your roof has been damaged in a storm, or you could increase the amount of time people can use your pitch or courts if you had floodlights installed.
  • Taking ownership of an underused playing field that could be transformed into a place for people to get active. Maybe there's a really well positioned but poorly maintained pitch in your area, that you could take ownership of, improve drainage and access, and bring back into use for the wider local community.
  • Transforming an empty or underused building into a space where people can play sport. Is there a vacant community centre or school building that, with a new boiler, paint job and necessary alterations, could be brought back into life as a focus for community activity, including sport?

Need to know facts:

  • Fund: Community Asset Fund
  • Value: £7.5 million (initial phase)
  • Opening: December 2016
  • Anticipated size of bids: £5,000 to £150,000
  • Bids: From January 2017
  • Facilities Investment Guide: January 2017
  • Awards: April 2017 onwards

Watch this space in the coming weeks for more information about the Community Asset Fund.