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IMPACT inclusive volunteering project

Getting more disabled people volunteering in sport

Derbyshire Sport are working with local clubs and organisations in order to try and get more disabled people volunteering in sport. The one-year project will see local clubs and organisations receive free training to help create a welcoming environment for volunteers to help address the imbalance of the number of disabled sports volunteers compared to non-disabled.

Inclusive Volunteer Month

A volunteer recruitment campaign is set to take place within 'Inclusive Volunteer Month' in June to encourage disabled people to volunteer as well as providing training opportunities for the clubs who the volunteers will be deployed to.

Within the month, Derbyshire Sport will work with local voluntary services and other partners to encourage disabled people to sign up to the project and start their journey as a sports volunteer.

How to apply

If you have a disability - including a sensory impairment or limiting illness - and would like to apply, please complete the application form below and return to rachael.dyer@derbyshire.gov.uk or call 07807 089845 for any queries.

For an outline of what IMPACT volunteers will help with at clubs, click on the 'IMPACT volunteer role description' form below.

Derbyshire para-rider urges disabled volunteers to join in with IMPACT project

Disabled volunteer Matt Dalley explains why helping out at his club, Scropton Riding for the Disabled Association, has been so rewarding - and how he hopes his story will inspire others to volunteer through the new IMPACT project during June's Inclusive Volunteer Month.

Support from local sports enthusiasts

Matthew Dalley, 22, is a Para-Equestrian rider and has gained many benefits from his own volunteering experience at his riding club where he started helping in the yard and now runs the club's social media and website.

When speaking about his volunteering journey, Matthew said: "I am committed to helping other disabled people benefit from an involvement in sport, both as a participant and volunteer.

"Through my own volunteering I aim to show that my disability isn't a barrier to helping make a difference and I encourage others to take the opportunity to get involved with the IMPACT project so they can benefit like I have."

Working with Derbyshire clubs and organisations

The clubs and organisations who are signed up as partners of the IMPACT project include:

How inclusive sport volunteers can make a difference in Derbyshire

Wheelchair basketball one of several sports keen to recruit more help through the IMPACT project during June's Inclusive Volunteering month.

Training for clubs and organisations

Adapted Physical Activity course at Greenbank Leisure Centre in Swadlincote.

Throughout the IMPACT project a range of courses and workshops were coordinated for clubs and volunteers to attend. These included:

  • Effective Volunteer Management: a practical guide to working with volunteers with disabilities
  • How to coach disabled people in sport
  • Inclusive coaching: disability
  • Effective communication: coaching deaf people in sport
  • Inclusive communications
  • Adapted Physical Activity
  • Autism, Sport and Physical Activity

Training for individuals

Training is available for volunteers depending on their needs, individuals can outline their training needs within the registration form.

How the IMPACT project has helped clubs