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Sportivate is just one funding source that can be accessed.

Guidance on a whole host of funding pots

Looking for funding to support a physical activity or sport project, individual, school or coach in the Derbyshire area? We can help you find the grant or bursary to get you the assistance you need.

Club and activity funding is available for a wide variety of projects. There is also funding which individuals can apply to for community projects.

Sportivate funding is a popular resource for community-related sports projects across Derbyshire, while Primary School PE and Sport Funding details what is available to headteachers of Primary Schools.

If you're new to applying for funding, or need some guidance to get it right, don't forget to check out our top ten funding hints and tips.

Edwina Archer

Edwina Archer

Funding Development Officer

Derbyshire Sport

01773 571228 / 07789 941482

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Get help as a coach

Coaching funding helps those looking for grants to aid their development and you can click on the link to find out more in that area.

Find the grant or bursary you need

If you just want to search for a funding pot that is relevant to you, simply input the key words in our funding finder below.

If you want to find out more detail about some of the funding that is available in the county in the physical activity and sport sphere, take a look at our sectioned guide detailed above and on the side menu.