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Ellen Robbins Wilkinson

Ellen Robbins Wilkinson.

The 13-year-old, from Bradwell, achieved a gold medal to become the English Champion for Sabre for her age group in June 2015. She has competed in Germany and in Poland for the English Sabre Team and was recently selected to fight as an under-17 in the British Cadet Team.

Ellen fought for Britain at the end of October at the Copperbox Arena in the Olympic Park in the Camden International Sabre Tournament and has also been selected to fight in Eislingen in Germany at another major international in December 2015. She is the youngest member of the British Team.

Ellen says: "I train four nights a week after school - two nights at the Manchester Fencing Centre in Oldham with my sabre coach Stuart Marshall and two nights of athletics training at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield with my sprint coach Lee Walker.

"I also do a fencing boot camp in August in Stratford upon Avon and train at the University of Nottingham for a day once a month with the East Midlands Cadet Sabre Team. I have competitions most weekends.

"I have, in the last few weeks, achieved my ambition to get into the British Team. In the British team I am fighting in international competitions at a level two age groups above my own. It is very challenging, but a fantastic experience. Competing for Britain is amazing and I am learning so much.

"My strengths are my speed and my footwork. This year I would like to keep working on my technique, my counter attacks and scoring hits going backwards. I am gaining as much competition experience as I can.

"I would like to establish a good international ranking and intend to fight for a gold medal in the British Championships in 2016.

"My long term ambitions are to compete and achieve a medal in the Junior Commonwealth Championships and then the Commonwealth Championships. I would like to be selected to compete for a medal in the Olympic Games."