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Disability Sport

David Weir - Team GB Paralympian

Sport and activity for all

Derbyshire Sport works with a whole host of partners to ensure an inclusive approach is taken to physical activity and sport across the county.

We are committed to ensuring that inclusive sport is at the heart of everything we do in order to provide opportunities for everyone to participate.

Engaging with all impairment groups

In Derbyshire approximately 20% of the population have a disability or limiting illness. There are 6 main impairment groups:

  • Sight Impairment: approx. 2 million people in the UK with sight loss
  • Hearing Impairment: approx. 9 million people in the UK are Deaf or hard of hearing
  • Speech, Language or Communication Impairment: approx. 2.5 million people in the UK
  • Physical Impairment: includes people with Cerebral Palsy, people with Dwarfism and wheelchair users
  • Mental Health Conditions: 1 in 4 people
  • Learning Disabilities: approx. 1.5 million people in the UK

Read more about the vast range of impairments experienced by people in England in Sport England's 'Mapping Disability: The Facts' report. It includes comprehensive data on disability by categories such as gender and age.

Me, being active

EFDS video showing a range of people with different impairments and how they use physical activity to help their mental and physical well-being.

Click here to read factsheets that provide an overview of the top tips to consider when working with people with specific impairments. These can be found on the EFDS website where there are lots of great resources and information on disability sport.

Find out more

A runner with a visual impairment and his guide

Within this section you can find information on:

Advocating for fairness & equality

Derbyshire Sport support the 'Charter for Change', created by the EFDS which outlines three asks:

1. Everyone involved in providing sport or physical activity will support disabled people to participate.

2. Disabled people will have the same opportunity as non-disabled people to be active throughout their lives.

3. All communications about sport and physical activity will promote positive public attitudes towards disabled people's participation.

Click here to find out more about the Charter for Change.

Rachael Dyer

Rachael Dyer

Sport Development Officer

Derbyshire Sport

01773 571225 / 07807 089845

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