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Derbyshire Institute of Sport (DIS)

Jess Turner working in the gym

Jess Turner working in the gym.

Helping the county's best emerging athletes

The Derbyshire Institute of Sport (DIS) is designed to help the cream of Derbyshire's athletes reach the top - and it is unique to the county.

It was set up in a bid to instill a legacy following the 2012 London Olympic Games and its goal is 'to provide high quality support to Derbyshire's emerging talented sports performers, enabling them to achieve greater national and international success and in so doing, to enhance the reputation of Derby and Derbyshire.'

This is being achieved by offering extensive support through expert coaching, bespoke strength and conditioning programmes, physiotherapy and nutritional and lifestyle advice.

Derbyshire Institute of Sport Launch

View the clip of when the Derbyshire Institute of Sport was first set up in April 2012, highlighting why the project was instigated and how athletes will benefit from the additional support provided.

Athlete criteria

Athletes are selected for the programme on an individual basis, through recommendation from their DIS sports coach, their national governing body or through excellent performances.

All athletes must be aspiring to achieve international success at major competitions, such as the Olympics Games and World Championships.

They are supported across more than a host of sports, including athletics, badminton, cycling, golf, and swimming, as well as individual sports.

Several of the highest performing athletes are on the DIS Gold Programme, where they are given additional support.

Find out more

Use the DIS menu options or click on the links to read the latest DIS news, discover how the DIS works, who gives financial support and who has come through the programme successfully and are now DIS ambassadors.

You can also read about the DIS staff, the sites and facilities used and the DIS magazine, as well as how to find us and get in touch.