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Why Cycle?

There are lots of great reasons to cycle. It's great for your health, and for the environment too. Cycling gets you out in the open air, is a cheap and healthy way to get around, for work, school and leisure.

There are lots of cycle sport options too, so if you love riding a bike, why not get into it as a sport? Click here for more on why cycling is such a great option.

Derbyshire has fantastic road cycling for sport or touring. There are miles of traffic free trails suitable for all the family. We have some of the best mountain biking opportunities in the country, and the new Derby Arena offers indoor track cycling for beginners to elite riders. There are also Inclusive Cycling Hubs offering a fantastic range of adaptive bikes that are easy to ride no matter what your ability.

Derbyshire has a great reputation for cyclo cross and other racing disciplines too. There really is something for everyone, for all seasons.

Derbyshire offers some of the best terrain in the country for cycling.

The facts

The Chief Medical Officer (department for health 2011) recommends 150 minutes moderate intensity activity each week for adults, at least 60 minutes each day for children (over five) and three hours activity each day for under-5s, alongside activities to strengthen muscles.

Research also shows that an inactive person spends 37% more days in hospital and visits the doctor 5.5% more times than an active person (Sari 2008), while people over 50 who are physically active enjoy between 1.1 and 3.7 more "quality life years" than average (Heron & Bradshaw 2010).

10 years younger

Cyclists typically have a level of fitness equivalent to being 10 years younger (Tuxworth, Nevill, White and Jenkins, 1986).

People who do not cycle-commute regularly have a 39% higher mortality rate than those who do and, on average, regular cycle commuters take more than one day per year less off sick than colleagues who do not cycle to work, saving UK businesses around £83m annually (CTC Cycling statistics).

Top health benefits of cycling

Watch why cycling is such a great sport to take up.

Frequent cycling brings huge health benefits.

Teens fitness and healthy benefits

Boys aged 10 to 16 who cycle regularly to school are 30% more likely to meet recommended fitness levels, while girls who cycle are seven times more likely to do so. (CTC Cycling statistics)

Studies show it also boosts the immune system, strengthens the muscular and skeletal system, helps reduce the likelihood of back pains, arthritis, the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and mental stress and improves circulation. (Froböse, 2004; Cavill and Davis, 2007)

You can read about other benefits of cycling on the British Cycling website.

A be-spoke offering

If you're inspired to give cycling a go, read through the sections most relevant to you to find out just how easy it is to get involved.

Whether you have hardly ridden a bike and are a beginner, are looking for opportunities to improve and places to explore, are looking for a fresh challenge or an event, want to compete at an elite level or want to develop skills as a cycling coach or leader, click on the relevant link for appropriate guidance.

You can also view a wide selection of Derbyshire cycle routes for you to enjoy.

Derbyshire Cycling Plan

The Derbyshire Cycling Plan 2016-30 was launched in January 2016 at Derby Arena.

The draft Derbyshire Cycling Plan has been developed by a range of partners across all of Derbyshire. This high level plan, brings us together, committed at the highest level, to getting more people on bikes, by 2030.

Our commitment:

For Derbyshire to be the most connected cycling county, we will need to improve cycling infrastrucucture and connectivity. We will help people of all ages to take part in cycling, supporting people to overcome the fears and barriers that put them off getting on a bike.

We will make sure that the marketing and information about cycling oppportunities is excellent, and inspires people who live here, and those who visit, from home or overseas, to recognise Derbyshire as an amazing place to ride a bike.

At the highest levels in local government, sport, tourism and business, we will champion Derbyshire as a cycling place, and work hard to bring more investment in cycling to Derbyshire.

What do we ask of you?

To make Derbyshire a place where more people cycle every day, we need our partners, local groups and clubs, businesses, volunteers, schools - everyone - to be a part of this plan. By working together, we can achieve the aims set out in this document- from the grassroots, up to the decision makers in government.

A call to action:

Read the plan, and think about the contribution that you can make to getting more people cycling. Get in touch if you need support to do this. We all have a role to play, if we are going to make Derbyshire the most connected cycling county.

Click on the link to see the Derbyshire Cycling Plan.