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Club Matters supporting Bowls Clubs in Bolsover

Getting to grip with the resource

The Bolsover District Bowls Development Group have been using the Club Matters resource to support their network of clubs since late 2015. The group are one of the sport specific focus groups within Bolsover District that are supported by the District Council's Sport and Leisure team.

Wayne Hatton, Sport Development Officer at Bolsover District Council is the lead officer for the group. When reviewing the use of Club Matters so far, Wayne commented that: "It offers clubs such a wide range of support so our approach has been to break it down into bite size chunks."

The group have received information on how to navigate the site and how to register, and are now moving on to using the interactive elements that Club Matters offers.

Using the Club Improvement Tool to set priorities

A number of the Bowls clubs have now completed the Club Improvement Tool that is designed to get clubs and groups thinking about where they perform well and where there are opportunities to improve.

Wayne has already seen a benefit in clubs using this resource, saying that: "the Improvement Tool gives them a really simple way of assessing themselves in the main areas that are relevant to their club.

"Those that have completed the tool have then been able to set three priorities for development over the next six months, this has given them a real focus and shows them where Club Matters can support within those priority areas."

Future support

The group plan to continue using elements of Club Matters to help address some of the key issues affecting clubs. There will also be an opportunity for clubs to reflect on their progress after six months when they review their Club Improvement Plan and set new priorities for the following six or 12 months.

How to get your club or group started

If your club or group would like to find out more about Club Matters then register for free so that you can access all the information and help on offer.

Click here to register.